Public Talk: Forming “Toward Forming”

On March 18th, Makoto Kamimura, Detail’s type designer, as well as Kamimura & Co.’s representative and designer, will appear on a public talk with ÉKRITS chief editor Hiroshi Obayashi. They will talk about the backstage of making Sekai Kozuma’s book “Toward Forming”, the way of their edit and design, and things around the media.

This public talk will be held as a part of ÉKRITS ROPPONGI, a pop-up store in Bunkitsu Roppongi Tokyo. Kamimura & Co. is helping the planning and design of the project.

Public Talk: Forming “Toward Forming”
Hiroshi Obayashi (ÉKRITS Chief Editor) × Makoto Kamimura (Designer)

at Bunkitsu Roppongi
on March 18th 18:30 open / 19:00 start

Normal: 1,000yen+tax
Special: 4,000yen+tax (ticket + ÉKRITS special tote bag)

Booking here (Google form)
※ Entrance fee (1500yen + tax) is required to enter Bunkitsu.
※ Please make the payment on the day at Bunkitsu check-in counter.
※ The public talk will be held only in Japanese.