Shaping Cultures.

We create typefaces for new cultures. We are always together with the people who are working at the great endeavors.

Detail Type foundry(Detail) is the type design institute of Kamimura & Co., an independent design studio based in Japan. We create retail fonts and custom fonts for companies, brands, and projects.

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Originally, Detail has been started with the type design practices of Makoto Kamimura, a graphic designer and the founder of the studio. He has created visual identities for many different clients. The unique typefaces are always great assistants to build the brand’s identity.

Although almost all designs need typefaces, only a few pay attention to that. Because mostly, readable typeface let readers take notice not to the form of the typeface itself, but to the meaning of contents. However, there is the phrase “God is in the details.”, a design highly depends on typefaces. Sometimes they change even the meaning of what is written. It’s the designers’ magical power to control what many people see but not visible to many people. Today, people read a lot of typefaces every day, on the smartphone, PC, books, advertising in the street, etc. When a company delivers their message on each media, the shapes of letters help the public recognize the words are transmitted from the particular brand. Also, the brand can change their tones depending on occasions by changing their forms, too.

We provide our users with fine details. In Japan, from ancient times, there is an idea that “Gods are in every place.” (The word “gods” is “kami” in Japanese. Kami is in both natural and man-made objects including characters and is even in empty space.) So, it's natural for us to look for aesthetics in the shape of types. We believe, as same as your big vision, details are important. Because what starts “to make the world a better place” is the evolutions in details by persistent efforts. We create the typefaces, not only for many different designs and but also for the new cultures. We are always together with the people who are working at the great endeavors. Detail's retail fonts are available only on If you need custom fonts, please contact us.


    About the retail fonts, custom fonts, licenses, technical support, press, and any other inquiries to Detail Type Foundry, please send email to this address. We are very glad to see your work with Detail’s fonts. Please have URL or images sent to us. (We can not reply to all the work you sent, but we will definitely look all of them.)



    Our design studio create not only typefaces but also integrated design solutions. If you would like to talk about the visual identity or other design projects, please feel free to contact the studio Kamimura & Co. We are more than happy to help.

    Mail: (Sachi Kamimura, Project Director / Studio Manager)


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    Makoto Kamimura, Art Director / Type Designer
    Sachi Kamimura, Project Director / Studio Manager

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