Custom Typeface

It’s your face.

Custom typeface gives more creativity to your brand.

We’re highly motivated with the custom font project for creative brands. Every typeface, including commonly used retail fonts, has the philosophy and ideas behind them. Also, each of our retail fonts made by different ideas. Once you adopt the retail font to your design, the philosophy behind the form is always clear.
However, especially for the companies and brands seeking for uniqueness, sometimes retail font would not be enough for them even if the font were high quality. If you feel that it’s not enough to embody the philosophy by choosing the font that already exists, we recommend you to consider making your custom typeface. The typeface that reflects the philosophy can convey your ideas with your ideal attitude to those who see it. Brands and projects can have their own typefaces as everyone has his/her own face.

It’s always exciting for us to make a new typeface together with clients. We understand your needs through a series of discussions until you are satisfied, then offer the best solution. Detail makes custom fonts for our clients from scratch or customizes a part of the fonts set from our retail font library. We can also provide custom licenses for client’s needs. About custom typeface, please contact If you need more integrated solutions including logos, identity systems, etc., please feel free to contact We are more than glad to help.