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1. Please select license type

Desktop Web App ePub Enterprise
Print, Logo, Design Comp OK OK
Website (Embedded) Bitmap OK OK
Mobile App (Embedded) OK OK
Digital Publishing (Embedded) Non-Embedded OK OK
TV, Cinema, Streaming Ask OK
Signage, Wayfinding Ask OK
Payment One time One time One time One time Ask

2. Contact us

In the following cases, additional license are required. Please contact us.

Enterprise For corporate comprehensive licensing, we can customize the number of installations, usage, font name (e.g. “Your Corp. Astro”) according to your request.

Trademark Registration To register trademarks logos and brand marks created using our fonts, additional licensing agreements are required.

TV, CM, Movies, Streaming To use fonts in TV, CM, Internet broadcasting, video uploading to YouTube etc., streaming, movies, additional licensing agreements are required.

Embedding in Hardware/Software To embed fonts in hardware and software such as IoT devices, additional licensing agreements are required.

Political Activities Additional licensing agreements are required for use in political campaigns, political messages (slogans, logos, claims, etc.), political parties, political groups and lobbying organizations.

Custom Typeface We design custom typefaces for companies, brands, services, etc. We can change a part of fonts (adding your brand mark to Astro family set, for example) or designing new typefaces from scratch.